July 11, 2014

PhotoScraps has moved!

it's hilarious really...our LSS has moved and at first, we were all thinking," OMG, it's gonna be far, Where am I gonna have to drive to???"  And no lie, it's just hilarious that they moved 5 feet next door...totally awesome!
The bff and I found time to run and check em out last weekend....

same awesome staff (Hi KIM!!!!) and the same awesome inspiration and products...all you had to do was walk 5 steps to the left!  So if you haven't gone over to the new space, you may want to this weekend...the new Webster's Pages Ocean Melody collection is gorgeous (had to get all of that)


Leslie Germain said...

Love that collection you bought, Kat! Hope all is well!!!


Kat, first of all, thank you for your kind words left on my blog. But secondly, and most importantly.......I don't know whether to tell you congratulations or you're in big trouble by having your LSS five feet away from your door! Oh, my goodness......I would be in all kinds of trouble on a daily basis....LOL....AND I would probably have to move. Good luck, honey!

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